Tuesday, March 2, 2010

here i am, at home.

hello bloggers! today i'm at home. my mom forgot to pick me up. isn't that just lovely? anyway, so i decided i would spruce up my blog a bit today. i'm gonna get the questions done and probably post them. then jess and i will pick the best ones out of the questions. i think that sounds like a good idea. i got all ready and dressed and everything too. guess i'll see you guys all on friday. enjoy class!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i've never recorded so much in my life!

well today certainly was interesting. jess and i tried maybe about like 6 times to get the podcast story perfect. i couldn't help but laugh though, at one time, geraldine was sitting behind us and she just started yelling. she overpowered my voice and it was hilarious. another time christine kept laughing because i have a funny voice maybe. and then another time i was just paranoid. good times though, eventually we got the podcast done. it turned out better than the others. so now, we just have to get the questions done for friday. jess is not going to be here so she is going to email me some before then then i'll do some of my own. adios bloggers!



Hello again today bloggers. How's it going? Today I am doing this prewrite like I usually do. What I hope to accomplish today is that we finish the podcast and our voices match. Also, I believe we shall get our Bloom's questions done for the day. I already have some in mind. This should not be too bad.


Friday, February 19, 2010

podcasting #2 reflection

Okay, so today we podcasted our story. I would say it went pretty well. I enjoyed it very much so. The only problem with it is that I have a pretty quiet voice and Jess does not. That might have been from the way we held the microphone. The story was pretty good. Just have to figure out the lines that rhyme well so that when we read the story it "flows" better. Other than that, everything was good. I decided not to read the story in the accent because I would have probably kept laughing the whole time. Maybe another time I'll try that. But for now, I'll just stick with my "reading awewsome stories to kids" voice. ADIOS!! Until next time that is.


day 2 podcasting (:

Hello, today would be the second day of podcasting for me. I'm pretty excited because apparently my voice does not sound as bad as i thought it would. I do not think my partner, Jessica, is here. I called out her name and she did not answer, so I am going to say that's a no. Maybe today when I do podcasting, I'll make funny voices or even maybe in an accent. I don't want to brag, but I can do the british accent pretty well if I do say so myself. Let's see, what else to write. I did enjoy having Tuesday off. Any day that I can sleep late is a good day. Shoveling is just a pain though. Today should be entertaining. Adios bloggers!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Reaction to podcasting. 2/12/10

So I am waiting for my podcast to load so I figured that I would blog and maybe the wait time would go by quicker. Podcasting was fun and I did enjoy myself. Maybe I will start podcasting at home about my thoughts. Anywho, this was a fun activity and it should be more fun on tuesday. At first, it was weird hearing the sound of my own voice but I got used to it. In fact, Jessica and I even tried to make our podcast rhyme. It turned out well.



This was our first podcast.

prediction 2/12/10

Hello, it's Lauren.

Today is Friday and it is the coldest day ever. I predict today that we are going record our voices and do everything we need to do to prepare for when we actually do podcast. I think it will be fun but I'm getting sick so it might not be as fun as I thought. My partner is Jessica and she is here today. Let's see, what I know about podcasting is that you record your voice and save it. I think a podcast is like a voice memo. I am excited to make a podcast, and if I do really well, I will be doing these at home and saving them.